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The Vegan Transformation Channel

This channel is all about becoming your most authentic, compassionate, healthy, and purposeful self.

Many people who transition to a vegan lifestyle – whether for ethical reasons, animal compassion, health, or the environment – experience a transformation in mind, body, and spirit. Aligning behavior with deeply held values brings peace, fulfillment, and freedom, along with a shift in our mindset about what really matters. Eating a plant-exclusive (vegan) diet can also contribute to dramatic improvements in health, fitness, and even mental health.

Discover the benefits of compassionate, healthy plant-powered living, wherever you are on your veg journey. Whether you are just curious about the benefits of eating more plants, or a devoted vegan, the interviews and videos provide tips and inspiration to thrive emotionally with a vegan lifestyle and experience greater fulfillment, wellbeing, purpose, and impact.

This channel was born out of the deeply meaningful interviews I have conducted for my book research on the transformative impact of a vegan lifestyle. I felt it was time to share some of the amazing stories, wisdom, and inspiration from these interviews in another format beyond my book (which is in the writing process).

Hosted and created by Angela Crawford, Ph.D., Psychologist, Transformational Coach, Vegan Lifestyle Educator, and Author


3/20/2023 – Interview with Jun Fuchs, certified Life Coach, author, and public speakerJun Fuchs is an amplifier for the Vegan community.  His unique blend of life coaching skills, mixed with creative mindfulness tools, allow him to help you awaken to your most creative, confident, and vibrant Self.  His work empowers vegans to become more effective and powerful advocates. Interview Highlights: – How Jun went from McDonald’s employee to passionate vegan activist – His improvements in physical health and strength with a vegan diet – His mental health burnout that led him to take a year off from activism to heal – His realization that in order to have the impact he wanted, he needed to serve from a place of inner fullness and well-being – His daily self-care practices for optimal mental and emotional health – How he discovered his Zone of Brilliance and returned to activism in a more powerful and fulfilling way – His new platform: The Vreedom Quest Plan. Connect with Jun through his website:

3/2/2023 Interview with Tricia Shields, founder of Compassion Rising, loving mom and wife, Animal Rights Activist, Author and Entrepreneur. Compassion Rising’s mission is to provide families, as well as childcare programs, with a trusted space to develop their emotional intelligence, strengthen their sense of compassion and empathy, and deepen their connection with themselves, all living beings, and our planet. Interview Highlights– – What led to Tricia’s Vegan Awakening – Her struggles with Vystopia and how she has coped with this – The importance of finding hope, purpose, and community – Her huge vision that led to the creation of Compassion Rising. Connect with Tricia and Compassion Rising through her website:

3/1/2023 Interview with Todd Sinclair, bestselling and award-winning author of the Rebel Vegan book trilogy. Interview Highlights: Having grown up on a dairy farm in Canada, Todd never imagined becoming vegan. While running a travel and tour business in Southeast Asia, he experienced a severe food-borne illness from contaminated meat. He was taken in by monks, who nursed him back to health with a plant-based diet. After a week or two, not only did he feel better physically, he also felt lighter spiritually and emotionally. Ultimately, this experience led to him embracing a vegan lifestyle. He is now passionate about teaching and inspiring others to live a compassionate, healthy, and abundant vegan life. Todd researched and wrote the Rebel Vegan trilogy to show how vegan values are a fundamental way forward to avoid future pandemics, protect animals and the planet, and take care of our health. Connect with Todd and his work through his website: