Podcast Interviews and Presentations

Compassion Rising Expert Series: The Psychology of Compassion and Veganism – Interview by Compassion Rising, March 2023

Healing Relationship Breakdowns: Relational Skills for Vegans – Keynote Presentation for WeDIDit.Health, January 2023

Speaking from the Heart: Keys to Effective Communication for Vegans – Keynote Presentation for WeDIDit.Health, October 2022

Best Practices for Creating Healthy LIfestyle Change – Podcast interview on the Health Wisdom & Wealth Show with V. Lynn Hawkins, June 2022

The Stages of Change – Becoming a more compassionate and effective vegan advocate – Presentation for Vegan Empowerment Coaching with Mariquita Solis, April 2022

The Transformative Effects of a Plant-Based Lifestyle on Mental, Physical, and Spiritual Wellbeing – Podcast interview on Healthy Lifestyle Solutions Podcast with Maya Acosta, April 2022

How to Inspire Others to Eat Plant-Based – Podcast interview on Young at Any Age Podcast with Bob and Fran German, March 2022

The Psychology of Lifestyle Change – Podcast interview on The Fabulous Health Show with Terri Chrisman, February 2022

Emotionally Thriving with a Vegan Lifestyle -Podcast interview on the Vegan Pulse Podcast with Nancy Arenas, January 2022

Food and MoodThe Doctor is In Series – Presentation for the Coalition for Healthy School Food, January 2022

Becoming an Effective Plant-Based Ambassador SeriesWeDidIt.Health, Spring 2022

Nature, Nurture, and COVID-19 – Interview on the Main Street Vegan Podcast with Victoria Moran, April 2020

Articles and Publications

Featured in the Austrian Ethik.Guide blog – December 20, 2022

I was honored to have my book research featured in an article written by Susanne Karr for the Ethik.Guide. The original article is written in German. If you are interested in reading an English translation, contact me.

I was honored to be interviewed by Carole Audet for an article in The Vegan Profile. We talked about the role of psychology to support people in moving toward and thriving with a vegan lifestyle. Check it out here!

Main Street Vegan Blog

Awakening Compassion by Angela Crawford, Ph.D. (4/18/23)

5 Ways Veganism Transformed My Life by Angela Crawford, Ph.D. (11/23/21)

Flourishing Emotionally with Plant-Powered Nutrition by Angela Crawford, Ph.D. (3/30/2021)

The Stages of Becoming a Compassionate Vegan by Angela Crawford, Ph.D. (5/26/2020)

Compassion for All Beings: More Important than Ever by Angela Crawford, Ph.D. (5/12/2020)

New Mexico Vegan Magazine

The Healing Power of Vegan Values by Angela Crawford, Ph.D. (1/2023)

Speaking from the Heart: Keys to Effective Communication for Vegans by Angela Crawford, Ph.D. (1/2023)

Boost Your Mood with Plant-Powered Nutrition by Angela Crawford, Ph.D. (3/2022)

WeDidIt.Health E-Book

Plant-Based for Health: 7 Best Practices to Inspire Your Loved Ones to Go Plant-Based

by Angela Crawford, Ph.D. (Released 2022). This e-book is complementary for those who join the WeDidIt.Health community. This is a platform and scoreboard for sharing the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle. Go to WeDidIt.Health and complete the one-question survey to help spread the word about the healing power of plant-based living and to receive your copy of the e-book. Or go HERE to learn more about the e-book and request a complimentary copy.

The Behavioral Medicine Treatment Planner

by Douglas E. DeGood, Angela L Crawford, and David J Berghuis, 1998 (Available on Amazon)