Transformational Coaching for Vegans, Advocates, and Healers

Individual and group coaching for women to thrive emotionally and become their most authentically expressed selves.

  • Become more empowered and authentic in your relationships and all aspects of your life
  • Gain clarity about your unique purpose, gifts, and contribution
  • Create a more meaningful, fulfilling, and impactful work life or contribution
  • Be more confident in communicating
  • Express your authentic voice and message
  • More effectively cope with stress, overwhelm, or compassion fatigue
  • Cope with the challenges of being vegan/plant-based in a non-vegan world
  • Thrive in mind, body, and spirit

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I draw on my background of 25 years experience as a psychologist, psychotherapist, and transformational coach to help you connect with your inner wisdom and break through limiting patterns that hold you back from living your fullest, healthiest, most purposeful and authentic life.

Photo by Matteo Di Iorio on Unsplash