Transformative Power of a Vegan Lifestyle

Research Study: I’m conducting research for a book on the emotional, social, and spiritual impacts of living a vegan lifestyle.  While society often views veganism as restrictive, undesirable, and unattainable, the experience of many vegans is one of abundance and fulfillment.  Many vegans describe an inner transformation in mind-body-spirit as they move into a vegan lifestyle.

And at the same time, as our hearts open to greater compassion, there can also be emotional and social challenges that come with being vegans in a non-vegan world.

My hope is that the findings from this research will support vegans to live with even more purpose and fulfillment, and may inspire pre-vegans to step forward on to this compassionate and life-affirming path.

If you are vegan and are interested in participating in my research survey, please click here to learn more.