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I am conducting research for a book about the emotional, social, and spiritual impacts of a vegan lifestyle. If you would like to learn more about this research, click HERE.

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Empowering veg-curious, vegans, advocates, and healers to THRIVE emotionally with a compassionate vegan lifestyle. CLICK HERE to learn more about my coaching programs.

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Latest from the Blog

Awakening Compassion

We are wired for compassion and empathy.  In spite of all the news stories that display the seemingly uncaring aspects of humanity, compassion for others is part of our biological and psychological wiring.  Indeed, most of us are deeply concerned when others are suffering – and when possible, want to lessen their suffering. This includes…

The Healing Power of Vegan Values

Like many of us, I have always loved animals.  As a child, I adored my pet cat, and I had a family of stuffed dogs that I took with me everywhere.  I also didn’t like to see any animal (or insect) suffering – I remember once rescuing a grasshopper that was floating in the lake…

Vegan Thanksgiving 2022

Thanksgiving Day is not always easy for me as a vegan.  When I adopted a plant-based diet 16 years ago, it changed how I viewed Thanksgiving and what this holiday means to me.  I feel incredibly sad about the lives of animals lost for this one meal, especially when there are many delicious, plant-based, cruelty-free…