Transformational Coaching

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Finding your voice and your purpose

I don’t know about you, but I have always been a dreamer.  I dream about contributing to a world of greater compassion and wholeness, where each of us is empowered to live in ways that support our flourishing, as well as that of the planet and all of its inhabitants.

I believe we each have a unique purpose, and are most fulfilled when we are able to express our authentic message and purpose. Often, as we follow the path to a plant-powered, vegan lifestyle, we become deeply inspired to use our gifts to create a world that supports the flourishing of all. And at the same time, we may experience emotional, social, and interpersonal challenges along the way.

What do YOU most long to create?  What dreams are YOU holding? What do you want for your life? For your health? For your contribution? For your relationships? For animals and all sentient beings? For the planet?

What challenges do you face that get in the way of these dreams? Frustration with others who don’t understand or support your lifestyle and values? Sadness about animal suffering and the destruction of the planet? Conflict and misunderstandings in your relationships with family and friends? Difficulties finding your unique purpose and contribution? Overgiving or putting others’ needs ahead of your own? Overwhelmed with where to get started?


  • Finding your most powerful voice, so that you can express yourself with others in more effective ways
  • Becoming more open and authentic in your relationships and all aspects of your life
  • Being more confident and at home in your own body
  • Gaining clarity about your unique purpose and contribution so you can have a greater impact
  • Making changes professionally so that your work life is more meaningful, impactful, fulfilling, and nourishing
  • Improving relationships and building meaningful support

I empower compassionate advocates, helpers, and healers to thrive emotionally and socially, and to express their unique gifts in service to their own well-being and that of all beings and the planet.

My specialties include working with:

  • Those seeking support in transitioning to a plant-powered, vegan lifestyle
  • Vegans and vegetarians who face challenges socially, emotionally, or professionally in living a lifestyle not supported or embraced by those around them
  • Compassionate individuals who care about making the world a better place, and who seek to discover and express their higher purpose
  • Advocates, healers, and helping professionals who are experiencing compassion fatigue, burnout, stress, disempowering relationships, or overwhelm

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