Transition to a Plant-Based Lifestyle

Plant-Powered Living for Mind-Body-Spirit

Transform your health, maintain your ideal weight, and feel your best through the power of a vegan, whole food plant-based (WFPB) lifestyle.

Join my individualized coaching program to support you in transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle. 

Who is this program for?  Women who want to:

  • Improve health and energy
  • Reach (or maintain) your optimal weight
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle, without it taking up all your time and energy (and WITHOUT feeling deprived)
  • Feel amazing physically, mentally, and emotionally
  • Connect with your purpose – to be able to do all the things that really matter to you
  • Overcome the inner blocks, limiting patterns, and other obstacles that get in the way of your goals
  • Live in ways that are cruelty-free, compassionate, and more sustainable for the planet

What is included?

  • Initial Exploration Session – clarify your goals
  • Coaching sessions to support your progress and help you overcome any obstacles or challenges
  • Meditations, reflection exercises, education, and tools to thrive with a plant-based lifestyle
  • Weekly accountability emails and support

What is a Whole Food Plant-Based (WFPB) diet? 

It is a plant-exclusive diet, focused on whole plant foods, as minimally processed as possible.  This way of eating has been associated with numerous health benefits, and is high in nutrients, antioxidants, and fiber.  It is a lifestyle that includes an abundance of fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, nuts, seeds, spices, and herbs. 

Why Whole Foods Plant-Based?  Countless studies show the benefits of this lifestyle for:

  • Preventing and reversing heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, many forms of cancer, and autoimmune disease
  • Reducing blood pressure and cholesterol levels
  • Reaching and maintaining ideal weight
  • Less inflammation and pain
  • Improved digestion
  • Improved mental and emotional well-being

The changes that many women experience after starting a plant-based, vegan lifestyle include:

  • No longer having overwhelming cravings for sugar and unhealthy foods
  • Effortlessly losing extra pounds and maintaining their optimal weight
  • More consistent energy and more positive moods
  • Relief from chronic allergies, congestion, or sinus issues
  • Glowing, healthy skin
  • Fewer hormonal issues or menopausal symptoms
  • Decreased inflammation and pain, and quicker recovery after exercise
  • Improvements in many chronic health conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, and autoimmune disorders
  • The joy of healthful, compassionate, cruelty-free, and sustainable living

I know that you want to feel amazing, too!

I invite YOU to start YOUR plant-powered journey – to feel your best – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually!

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If you are ready to move into a new level of vibrant health, emotional well-being, and freedom through a plant-powered lifestyle, I look forward to hearing from you.

Photo by Matteo Di Iorio on Unsplash

About the Instructor:

Angela Crawford, Ph.D., Psychologist, Transformational Coach, Vegan Lifestyle Educator, Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition

As a psychologist for 25 years, I have helped hundreds of people make lifestyle  changes to achieve better physical, mental, and emotional health.  I have provided individual and group psychotherapy, meditation and visualization techniques, and coaching methods to help people reach their goals for greater physical and emotional well-being.

On a personal level, although I was physically active and valued a healthy lifestyle, for the first few decades of my life, I was not a healthy eater.  I ate a lot of comfort foods, microwave meals, sweets, and processed foods.  I thought I needed meat or dairy at nearly every meal.  I didn’t like to cook, and I didn’t eat many fruits and vegetables. 

What opened my eyes and led me to eating more plants was when I learned about how animal agriculture works.   I saw a TV program about workers in a meat processing plant.  Many of them were immigrants. They had frequent injuries from this difficult work and were so financially vulnerable that they couldn’t speak up.  They didn’t have power in this system.  It made me think about how my food got to me, and the injustices involved in this process.

And then I started to think about all aspects of it, including the treatment of animals and what was actually going into my body when I ate animal-based foods.  I started reading everything I could.  I went to my local library and read every book on vegetarianism and veganism.  I learned about the health benefits for reversing heart disease from Dr. Dean Ornish and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn.  That really hit home for me because I have a strong family history of heart disease.  I learned about the impact of animal agriculture on animals and the environment.

After watching that program, I started cooking. The very next day, I bought my first plant-based cookbook, and made vegetarian lasagna.  I had to buy all these new pots and pans because I never cooked.  It was a great experience and I found that I loved to cook – once I switched to plant-based. 

So many doors opened.  I tried new spices. I tried new ingredients that I’d never thought of before.  I started trying a new recipe or two every week. And over a few months, I gave up meat entirely.  It was deeply fulfilling – I learned to cook and to enjoy an abundance of healthy, delicious vegetarian foods.

Several years later I decided to become vegan and eliminated dairy and eggs.  I found that after releasing dairy from my life, my seasonal allergies – that I thought I would always have – just went away.  Some skin conditions that I struggled with went away too. 

So here I am 15 years later, in my mid 50’s, with good health and a lot of energy. I feel good about the way I’m eating, knowing that it is kinder to animals, the planet, and my own health. It feels good on all levels.  And now my food choices are so much more varied and interesting and nourishing than they used to be! 

I was so inspired by all the benefits of this way of eating that I sought out further training and became certified as a vegan lifestyle coach and educator, as well as in plant-based nutrition.  I’m also a certified transformational coach. My coaching and educational programs empower people to start, sustain, and thrive with a plant-powered, vegan lifestyle. I look forward to supporting you on your plant-based journey!